Only Three Days Left for the World Premiere (at the Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla) of Love Gets a Room!

On Thursday we are going to Sevilla to finally see Love Gets a Room! A film about survival and love written by Rodrigo Cortés & David Safier, directed by Rodrigo, set at the Warsaw ghetto in January 1942 (six months before the deportations to the extermination camps, mainly Treblinka –Große Aktion), and shot in Spain in the summer of 2019.

Love Gets a Room includes a play inside the movie: excerpts (originally written in Polish, translated into English) of Jerzy Jurandot’s play Miłość szuka mieszkania, which premiered at the Femina Theatre in the Warsaw ghetto either on October 29, 1941 (according to Holocaust survivor Mary Berg, see The Diary of Mary Berg. Growing Up in the Warsaw Ghetto, pp. 101-102) or on January 16, 1942 (see Barbara Engelking & Jacek Leociak, The Warsaw Ghetto: A Guide to the Perished City). Jurandot was a Polish-Jewish writer and composer who was very active in the cultural life of the ghetto; he survived the Holocaust.

With a stellar cast (Clara Rugaard, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Henry Goodman, Anastasia Hille, Valentina Bellè, Mark Ryder, Freya Parks, Jack Roth, Magnus Krepper) and our little, beautiful, amazing and talented Dalit. Bravo to all!

Love Gets a Room premieres on November 11 at the Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla (SEFF2021), it will be shown at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena (FICC50) on November 21, and will be released in theaters in Spain the 3rd of December.

Ferdia, Dalit & Clara in a break between scenes (Love Gets a Room) © Antonia Tejeda Barros, 2019
Antonia Tejeda Barros, 
Madrid, November 8, 2021

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