My fibromyalgia will not stop me!

My amazing wonderful children Yael and Itay (black belt in Taekwondo) and Dalit (yellow belt in Taekwondo) and I (white belt in Taekwondo!) tired and sweating but full of energy, after a lesson with Master Park & Master Chanmo

Fibromyalgia is:

–Widespread pain 24/7.

–Fatigue 24/7.

–Contractures & easy bruising.

–Sensitivity to noise, light, and temperature.

–Stomach ache.


–Mood swings.

–For some people: anxiety / depression (my grandmother was a bit depressed; I had in some moments of my life anxiety).

–Tiredness. Pain. Tiredness. Pain. Tiredness. Pain. Tiredness. Pain. Tiredness. Pain. Tiredness. Pain. Tiredness. Pain. Tiredness. Pain. Tiredness. Pain.

–A pain in the ass, in the neck, in all your muscles and tissues, even in your teeth, gums, ears and hair.

–Not being able to walk one day and being very proud of yourself for being able to run the next one.

–An invisible disability.

–Anger, frustation and sadness, but also learning, acceptance and growing.

–Real. Real. Real.

Fibromyalgia sucks. But you can fight it. I started learning Taekwondo with Master Park and Master Chanmo here in Madrid and I’m kicking my disorder. My three children are great taekwondists and are super proud that their mother is doing Taekwondo too.

My grandmother had fibromyalgia. My mother has fibromyalgia. I have fibromyalgia. I only hope that my two daughters (and my son) do not inherit this shit. But if they do, I know that they will learn to fight it.

If you know somebody with fibromyalgia, please, don’t be an asshole or a bitch: this is real. Do not judge, do not criticise, do not mock, do not minimise; just support, understand, empathise, read about it, have compassion, and give love, love and love. Thanks a lot!

More about FM:

Signs & Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (Mayo Clinic)

National Fibromyalgia Association

Vivir con Fibromialgia (in Spanish)

Antonia Tejeda Barros, 
Madrid, October 4, 2021

About Antonia Tejeda Barros

Madre de tres, doctoranda en Filosofía, flautista y violinista, profesora, alumna y súper fan de Woody Allen / Mother of three, daughter, sister, wife, PhD candidate (Philosophy), musician (recorder & baroque violin), teacher, student, and Woody Allen fan
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