Do not touch my heroes!

I’m so angry at the stupidity of the world! Only in the USA you can make a gossip-docu-garbage about an innocent man who has been falsely accused, and get away with it. And there will always be some people (with no brains) who will watch this garbage. McCarthy would have loved to witness this era! Do not touch my heroes, rats!

I wish Woody would sue HBO, the makers of that shameful gossip-docu-garbage, and the three psycho Farrows. But Woody is so nice that I know he will not do it. Such a shame. All these false accusers and their collaborators will never paid the damage they spread, the atrocious repetitive lies and the obsessive thirst of fame, public attention and vengeance. If I was famous and rich I would gladly sue those rats on behalf of Woody.

Instead of the HBO garbage, watch this documentary made by Rick Worley:

In a recent interview with Woody by a Brazilian interviewer (February 8, 2021), Woody talks about art & life and he seems happy and healthy. Good news: he already got the first dosis of the Covid vaccine! Bravo, Woody! The interview is here, but you’ll need to log in to see it:

Keep creating, Woody. The world needs your art!

Please make 100 more movies. Your movies make life better!

With love & admiration, from Spain.

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, February 17, 2021

About Antonia Tejeda Barros

Madre de tres, doctoranda en Filosofía, flautista y violinista, profesora, alumna y súper fan de Woody Allen / Mother of three, daughter, sister, wife, PhD candidate (Philosophy), musician (recorder & baroque violin), teacher, student, and Woody Allen fan
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