Annie Leibovitz inspired me to shoot these portraits

We are all stuck in our homes for more than a month now, due to the coronavirus and the stupidity of all the politicians. Here in Spain children can’t even go outside for five seconds and must keep being brave and joyful in their small prisons.

My kids and I are enjoying a lot these online masterclasses. I’m taking Annie Leibovitz’s amazing photography masterclass (and also Scorsese’s, Samuel L. Jackson’s, Herbie Hancock, Jane Goodall, and many others) and I’m learning and enjoying a lot.

Here are some portraits of my amazing children. I still need to work on the light, I know, but I love these photos. And that’s because my kids are so incredibly beautiful!

Stay safe.


mascarilla-antonia Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, April 17, 2020

About Antonia Tejeda Barros

Madre de tres, doctoranda en Filosofía, flautista y violinista, profesora, alumna y súper fan de Woody Allen / Mother of three, daughter, sister, wife, PhD candidate (Philosophy), musician (recorder & baroque violin), teacher, student, and Woody Allen fan
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