Egon Schiele and Woody Allen: Two Geniuses Falsely Accused by the Puritan Herd

Egon Schiele and Woody Allen: Two Geniuses Falsely Accused by the Puritan Herd, by Antonia Tejeda Barros


I’ve always loved Egon Schiele’s work. It’s provocative, poetic and brilliant. Among Schiele’s 300 canvases and more than 2,000 watercolours and drawings, my favourites are not his erotic works or self-portraits, but his poetic trees and houses and his melancholic sunflowers. I fell in love with Woody Allen’s films at first sight, literally. Woody is one of the greatest filmmakers of all times. Among the many films by Woody (over 50, all of them brilliant), my favourite ones are not his wonderful comedies, but his stunning dramas, so Bergmanesque and Dostoevskian.

Egon Schiele died very young, at age 28, in October 1918. He got the Spanish flu, a lethal virus that killed 20 million people in Europe and more than 50 million people around the world after WWI. Schiele’s wife Edith died three days before him. She was six months pregnant. Woody Allen’s parents (Nettie and Martin Konigsberg) died at a very advanced age. Nettie reached 95 years old and Martin 100. Woody will be 83 next month (he was born on December 1, 1935). He’s still creating. Always creating. I only wish that he lives until 120 and continues delivering us his art through his writing, his music and his films until his very last day. At his famous 2002 Oscar speech (the best speech ever in the history of the stupid Oscars) he said: “I’m 66 years old now. A third of my life is over”. Brilliant. I wish he lives until 201.

Both Schiele and Woody were falsely accused by the puritan herd. Schiele’s drawings of half naked girls shocked the catholic Austrians in the same way that Freud’s genius ideas about the id and libido shocked the puritan Viennese society in 1899 when he published his revolutionary Die Traumdeutung. Schiele never abused anybody and described the work of that period as “erotische Kunst” and that was what it was: just art. The stupid herd that falsely accused Woody Allen recently thanks to a lynching campaign made by an obsessive brainwashed phoney, her monster mommy and her aggressive brother tend to see a hidden perversion in Woody’s films too. They argue that Woody must be an abuser since in Manhattan (that wonderful masterpiece) Mariel Hemingway plays Isaac’s girlfriend and she is only 17. Oh, boy, the social media mob can really be ridiculous.

The difference with Schiele and Woody is that Woody was never even tried, since in 1993 (following the outrageous prefabricated story of Mia & Dylan Farrow) he was investigated by two separate teams in two different states –New York and Connecticut– (the New York State Child Welfare and the Yale-New Haven Hospital) and was found completely innocent. That’s right: completely innocent! The New York team investigators stated that “No credible evidence was found that the child named in this report has been abused or maltreated”, and the Yale-New Haven Hospital’s doctors stated: “It is our expert opinion that Dylan was not sexually abused by Mr. Allen”.

So, why is the herd still accusing Woody? The answer is simple: the herd feels uneasy about Woody’s love for Soon-Yi Previn (his wife and companion for more than a quarter of a century now). All the stupid people that condemned Woody mention in their stupid comments his relationship with Soon-Yi. That’s what triggers them. Not the Farrows’ invention.

Differently, Schiele was actually imprisoned for 21 days and then tried under suspicion of having kidnapped and abused a minor. Since nobody could find any proof besides a work of art (a drawing of the alleged abused girl), and the girl was examined and no sign of abuse was found (funny, exactly as happened to that phoney Dylan Farrow 26 years ago), he was not charged. But he had to remain three more days in jail as a punishment for drawing such obscenities. The shameful work of art was burnt and never arrived to us.

The disgraceful campaign against Woody has brought us another witch-hunt. And Twitter has been the perfect tool to hang innocent men. Well, thousands of morons will be very busy deleting their tweets the coming years.

Schiele’s drawing was destroyed right after his trial. Nobody has burnt any film of Woody (yet), but millions of Woody’s fans are still waiting to see his new film (which was already wrapped a long time ago). No date of release has been officially announced yet. The shamefully coward and opportunist Amazon didn’t comment anything on the film and nobody knows when will it be released. Well, to make Woody’s art suffer because of the lynch mob hysteria is the climax of human stupidity.

Nobody remembers today the puritans who condemned Egon Schiele more than a hundred years ago, because Schiele’s art is still shining and will continue shining for centuries and millenia. In the same way, in a few years all those phoney accusers, the mediocre and the social media mob, a bunch of (mostly second-rate) opportunist actors who rushed to accuse Woody will all be forgotten. Woody’s films will continue shining for centuries and millenia and will bring pleasure, poetry, and happiness to millions of people around the world until the end of times.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, November 8, 2018

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Madre de tres, doctoranda en Filosofía, flautista y violinista, profesora, alumna y súper fan de Woody Allen / Mother of three, daughter, sister, wife, PhD candidate (Philosophy), musician (recorder & baroque violin), teacher, student, and Woody Allen fan
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  4. woodyallenmoblynching says:

    Even if I prefer Klimt to Schiele (I know that my remark is completely irrelevant, don’t worry!), a wonderful article Antonia. Many many thanks!

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