The HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production: Propaganda, Slander, Omission, Shame, Lies, Melodrama, and Racism

Today I’m going to write my last post regarding this shameful false accusation against icon writer and cinema director Woody Allen. My post will not appear in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, not even The Guardian, but I’m a huge Woody Allen fan, a woman, a mother of three wonderful children, a musician and a PhD candidate (Philosophy), and I also have something to say. I’m sick and tired of seeing a wonderful and innocent man like Woody being insulted, wrongly judged and slandered. I’m furious at the herd, the bullies and the stupidity of the majority. Furthermore, I’m so tired of the fact that the name of Woody Allen is now almost always linked to the Farrow clan. On one side we have a wonderful genius who creates beauty and masterpieces, and, on the other side, we have a pitiful-non-talented clan that destroys and slanders. Enough with that.

Woody is a genius who has written the most beautiful roles for women, has brought to the world the most brilliant movies filled with poetry, philosophy, laughter, sadness, and beauty, and has given to millions of fans all around the world joy with his art: his amazing masterpieces, his terrific books, and his wonderful New Orleans Jazz. But Woody is not only a genius, he’s also a human being with feelings, a loving husband to his wife Soon-Yi (29 years together, 24 years married, and still going strong), and a loving father (Soon-Yi and Woody have two beautiful and bright adopted daughters: Bechet, 22, and Manzie, 21, who adore their parents). Woody is made of blood and flesh, like you and me, has never committed any crime and has been slandered heavily since 2018, and for many years before. So, this insanity stops now.

Of course, the fact that the world has become crazy and that legal justice seems to be irrelevant today, and that personal affairs are now “solved” on Twitter, one-sided magazines and shameful garbage productions instead of in court, doesn’t help. The last spit on sanity, common sense, justice and human dignity is the recent HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow garbage production that turns a vengeful insane woman (Mia Farrow) into a saint and an innocent and brilliant man (Woody) into the devil. This HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production should win a Guinness World of Records award for the most manipulated, untruthful, racist, slamming and shameful “documentary” ever. Goebbels would probably have loved it.

The world has gone nuts (again), and the Dreyfus affair, the lynchings of African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th century, even the Holocaust, and the McCarthyism inevitably come to my mind when TV shows like the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production are being aired. How is it possible to even make a TV show on a false accusation that was proven false almost 30 years ago? Is that possible thanks to the general stupidity of the American public? Or to the stupidity of the majority of the human population? Woody says in Hollywood Ending: “You mean why the country got so stupid suddenly? My theory is fast food”.

What strikes me is the huge fear that (good) journalists seem to have to openly declare that the whole “case” against Woody is a prefabricated lie meticulously prepared by the Farrow clan. At best, you get some articles denouncing the one-sided approach that the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production has, but that’s not it. The whole production is based on a non-event. And that should be said out loud. Why are people in the US so afraid of saying out loud that Woody has been falsely accused? Woody is a victim of a false accusation. And that’s a crime. If you believe a false victim, you are accusing an innocent man. And to accuse an innocent man is a crime. Period.

One of the very few brave (American) people who have openly defended Woody is the great Bob Weide (Woody Allen’s fans new hero). You can read here his brilliant posts The Truth About Woody Allen, Part I (April 8, 2019), and The Truth About Woody Allen, Part II (April 8, 2019), and his article The Woody Allen Allegations: Not So Fast (from 2014, updated 2017). Bob has also written about the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production in his great post The Mia/Woody HBO Documentary–What to Watch for (February 7, 2021) and about the case of the mysterious train in his brilliant post Farrow v. Farrow: The Case of the Magical, Disappearing Electric Toy Train Set (February 28, 2021). Other famous voices that have supported Woody (American and non-American) have been, so far, Alec Baldwin, Diane Keaton, Javier Bardem, Scarlet Johansson, Anjelica Huston, Dianne Wiest, Léa Seydoux, Wallace Shawn, Larry David, Cherry Jones, Joy Behar, Gina Gershon, Elena Anaya, Jeff Goldblum, Antonio Banderas, Alan Alda, Cate Blanchett, Alessandra Mastronardi, Blake Lively, Emily Mortimer, Charlotte Rampling, Caroline Aaron, Isabelle Huppert. Lots of women. Still, the voices are timid, not loud. Everybody fears being lynched. I wonder why.

Coming back to the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production, I think that, if you decide to go with the charade, then at least make it balanced. Open the theater, but for everybody. Talk about everything. Don’t condemn Woody’s love for Soon-Yi (a true love that has defeated all the criticisms of the puritan minds: almost three decades together and still going strong), and leave out Mia Farrow’s affairs with Sinatra and Previn. Don’t talk about “inappropriate” behavior (Americans love that word: “inappropriate”) from Woody and leave out the fact that Mia Farrow slept with her biological (Sinatra’s?) son Ronan until he was 11 years old (ahem, ahem). Don’t talk about the great mommy that Mia Farrow was and leave out the tragedies of many of her adopted children. Let’s not forget that Mia Farrow has/had 4 biological children and 10 adopted children. From the 10 adopted children, it’s important to remember that two of them (Tam and Thaddeus Farrow) sadly committed suicide (Tam died from a pill overdose and Thaddeus shot himself in the torso). Another of Mia Farrow’s adoptive daughters (Lark Previn) sadly died of AIDS alone and in poverty at age 35. These are three tragedies that neither the Farrow clan nor the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production have mentioned. Then, don’t use 4 episodes inflating a false accusation against Woody and leave out Mia Farrow’s own brother’s pedophilia. Yes, you are reading it correctly: Mia Farrow’s own brother (John Villers-Farrow) was sentenced in 2013 to 25 years in prison for sexually abusing two boys over a period of 8 years. That’s explosive news, and, nevertheless, very few people know about this. Again, neither the Farrow clan nor the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production have condemned John Villers-Farrow’s pedophilia.

Then, do you want to talk about child abuse, HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production? Great. Let’s talk about child abuse. Let’s talk about the abuse that Moses, Soon-Yi and other adopted children suffered at the hands of Mia Farrow. Did you know that Mia Farrow used to beat, lock and drag down a flight of stairs some of her adopted children? These abuses have been completely silenced by the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production. Let’s now hear Soon-Yi and Moses:

Soon-Yi said in 1992 (in 1992! But nobody, absolutely nobody, cared):

“Mia was always very hot-tempered and given to rages which terrified all the kids. They can’t speak freely because they’re still dependent on her. But they could really tell stories and I’m sure one day will. It’s true Mia was violent with me and I have conclusive proof”. (Soon-Yi Speaks: ‘Let’s Not Get Hysterical’, 1992)

In 2018, Soon-Yi said: “Mia was never kind to me, never civil”. (Introducing Soon-Yi Previn)

In Moses’ famous post of May 23, 2018, A Son Speaks Out (conveniently omitted in the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production), Moses writes:

“I’m a very private person and not at all interested in public attention. But, given the incredibly inaccurate and misleading attacks on my father, Woody Allen, I feel that I can no longer stay silent as he continues to be condemned for a crime he did not commit”.

“Mia had adopted me, her seventh child, as a single parent in 1980. In 1992 she successfully petitioned to allow Woody to co-adopt both Dylan and me, writing to the adoption agency, detailing what an excellent father he was (…) I never once saw anything that indicated inappropriate behavior at any time”.

“It was important to my mother to project to the world a picture of a happy blended household of both biological and adopted children, but this was far from the truth”.

It pains me to recall instances in which I witnessed siblings, some blind or physically disabled, dragged down a flight of stairs to be thrown into a bedroom or a closet, then having the door locked from the outside. [Mia] even shut my brother Thaddeus, paraplegic from polio, in an outdoor shed overnight as punishment for a minor transgression”.

“Soon-Yi was her most frequent scapegoat (…) When Soon-Yi was young, Mia once threw a large porcelain centerpiece at her head. Luckily it missed, but the shattered pieces hit her legs. Years later, Mia beat her with a telephone receiver. Soon-Yi’s made it clear that her desire was simply to be left alone, which increasingly became the case. Even if her relationship with Woody was unconventional, it allowed her to escape. Others weren’t so lucky”.

“The summer between first and second grades… my mother came over to my bed and found a tape measure. She gave me a piercing look that stopped me in my tracks and asked if I had taken it, as she had been looking for it all day. I stood in front of her, frozen. She asked why it was on my bed. I told her I didn’t know, that perhaps a workman had left it there. She asked again and again and again. When I didn’t give the answer she wanted, she slapped my face, knocking off my glasses. She told me I was lying and directed me to tell my brothers and sisters that I had taken the tape measure. Through my tears I listened to her as she explained that we would rehearse what should have happened. She would walk into the room and I would tell her I was sorry for taking the tape measure, that I had taken it to play with and that I would never do it again. She made me rehearse it at least a half-dozen times. That was the start of her coaching, drilling, scripting, and rehearsing – in essence, brainwashing. I became anxious and fearful”.

Once, when I was given a new pair of jeans, I thought they would look cool if I cut off a couple of the belt loops. When Mia saw what I had done, she spanked me repeatedly and had me remove all my clothing, saying, “You’re not deserving of any clothes” and making me stand naked in the corner of her room, in front of my older siblings (…) In short, it was not a happy home – or a healthy one”. (Moses Farrow, A Son Speaks Out).

In these two videos Moses recalls being humiliated and abused by Mia Farrow:

Moses has reconnected with Woody Allen, and is estranged by the whole Farrow clan. In 2014 Dylan Farrow said (or tweeted?): “My brother is dead to me”. How nice.

Woody’s “case” is more clear than water. Woody was cleared in 1993 by two investigation teams. After a 14-month-old investigation, the New York State child welfare investigators dropped their inquiry saying they considered the accusation against him unfounded stating: “No credible evidence was found that the child named in this report has been abused or maltreated”. The doctor who headed the Connecticut investigation in 1993, Dr. John M. Leventhal, saw strong inconsistencies in Dylan Farrow’s statement and concluded that Dylan either invented the story or that this fantasy was planted in Dylan’s mind by her mother: “We had two hypotheses: one, that these were statements that were made by an emotionally disturbed child and then became fixed in her mind. And the other hypothesis was that she was coached or influenced by her mother. We did not come to a firm conclusion. We think that it was probably a combination.” The Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Child Sexual Abuse Clinic Evaluation of Dylan Farrow concluded that Dylan was not sexually abused: “It is our expert opinion that Dylan was not sexually abused by Mr. Allen”. Also, another fact that the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production “forgets” to mention is that Woody voluntary took and passed a lie detector proof in 1992, while Mia Farrow declined to have one. Case closed!

But the show goes on. The lie goes on. Why? Because when the investigations cleared Woody and stated that no abuse had ever occurred, Mia Farrow, instead of being happy for her adoptive daughter’s mental health, continued her eternal crusade against Woody (until today!). A crusade that has been happily taken over by the now-adult-Dylan Farrow (who clearly enjoys the publicity, desperately needs the approval of Twitter and is delighted with the mistreatment of Woody), and by the now-adult-Ronan Farrow (Sinatra’s son?), who clearly takes enormous pleasure and effort in making Woody sink.

But, what’s the real reason behind this false accusation? One of the strongest love stories ever. One of the bravest women on Earth: Soon-Yi. Woody’s biological daughter? Nope. Woody’s adopted daughter? Nope. Woody’s step-daughter? Nope. Soon-Yi is Woody’s wife for almost 3 decades. Who is Soon-Yi? Soon-Yi was born c. 1970 in Korea. She was adopted in 1977 by André Previn and Mia Farrow and brought to the United States. She’s, of course, American. In spite of the eternal denigration she suffered at the hands of Mia Farrow when she was little (Farrow used to call her retarded and stupid), she’s a highly intelligent and cultivated woman, speaks several languages, majored in Art from Drew University and earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Columbia University.

“I’m a psychology major at college who fell for a man who happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Mia. I admit it’s offbeat, but let’s not get hysterical. The tragedy here is that, because of Mia’s vindictiveness, the children must suffer.” (Soon-Yi Speaks: ‘Let’s Not Get Hysterical’, 1992)

You can read her story in this explosive interview by Daphne Merkin: Introducing Soon-Yi Previn. This honest and powerful interview was completely ignored and trashed by the media and the supporters of the Farrow clan when it appeared two and a half years ago, and has been completely silenced by the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production.

So, Mia Farrow can help make thousands of melodramatic garbage productions, she can invent thousands of false accusations, she can decide to destroy her adoptive children’s lives, but she will never be able to change the fact that Woody and Soon-Yi fell in love, love each other for 29 years, formed a beautiful family and are super happy together. In your face, Mia!

Now, there is another thing that the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production has shown. A terrible thing: racism. I personally hate to make distinctions by “race” or “ethnicity”, two words that inevitably remind me of the extermination of millions of Jewish men, women and children –ghettos, Einsatzgruppen and gas chambers (let’s not forget that the Holocaust happened only 80 years ago). There is nothing lower than racism and antisemitism. So, coming back to the Farrows: all the adopted children of Mia Farrow are/were (three are sadly dead) American, of course, in spite of where they were born. But some were born in the US and others outside the US. And now, a small parenthesis: I have three children (a 14-year-old daughter, a 12-year-old son, and a 7-year-old daughter –all huge Woody Allen fans) and I have always educated them against racism. When my youngest daughter saw the movie Il a déjà tes yeux (a French comedy where a Black-French couple adopts a White-French baby), she couldn’t see that there was something different with the baby (and my youngest daughter is gifted –so is my son and my oldest daughter). So, I smiled and felt very proud of myself as a mother for the education I gave my children against racism. The point of this parenthesis is that I don’t care at all where the adopted children of Mia Farrow were born, or from where their biological parents were. I don’t like to play the racism card, but apparently the Farrow clan and the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production give a huge importance to the origin of these kids. Because, if not, how could such a scandalous unequal treatment (by both Mia Farrow and the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production) of Mia Farrow’s adopted children be possible? Some are heard; others silenced. Some enjoy privileges; others commit suicide. Some stay in the clan; others are estranged. Some are welcomed; others died alone in poverty. Some are the protagonists of the show; others are only extras. This horrid inequality has only one name: racism. Have you heard, Dick? Have you heard, Ziering? Have you heard, HBO? Have you heard, Farrow clan? You are racists. And I’m happy that all the world can see that now.

Then, to the phrase that I hear a lot lately: “Believe all survivors”. Yes: Believe them. As long as they are true survivors. To the other phrase: “Believe all victims”. Well, the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production carefully decided to believe only some of the victims. But that’s not it. The real problem is that the victims they picked to believe are the wrong victims.

Well, I’m going to wrap up, because only a few people will read this. I didn’t see the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production nor do I plan to ever see it. I also never saw The Birth of a Nation (Oh, Americans really seem to miss the myth of the Lost Cause, don’t they?), and I never watch “documentaries” that glorify Holocaust denial. All that garbage belongs in the garbage. And that’s where it lays. I’m very happy to have read that the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production has terrible ratings and that the critical reviews are absolutely sinking it. That’s what happens when you create a shameful pile of crap.

By the way, IMDb is declining most of the critical reviews. I know that because mine has been declined 5 times, and my husband’s too. In 2018, after those crocodile tears on TV, I created the Facebook group I Believe Woody. Today it has more than 11,200 members, and many members have written on IMDb against the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production, but only a few critical reviews have been approved. Also, I’m an administrator and moderator of other Woody Allen Facebook groups: Woody Allen Quotes (more than 28,000 members), Woody Allen Appreciation Society (more than 4,600 members), and Woody Allen Fans (more than 2,600 members), and I can say that all Woody Allen fans are furious at the propaganda, slander, omission, shame, lies, melodrama, and racism of the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production. Their voices too are being silenced, because their reviews on IMDb are being declined (or approved and, after 3 days, deleted). So, our hero can be slandered but we are not allowed to say anything? Well, the good news is that an imminent lawsuit will destroy the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production and all the people involved in it. That’s a delicious thought.

Woody Allen’s Official Facebook Page (with more than 2.2 MILLION of followers) posted an official statement from Woody and Soon-Yi some days ago:

So, this shameful HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production is the same old lie. The same old story. The same false accusation. Everything, everything points to Woody’s innocence and Mia Farrow’s diabolical vengeful pathology. The Farrow clan have spent their lives accusing an innocent man. That must be tiring! Poor them. How pathetic. Such a waste of a life. They will be so easily forgotten. But millions of fans from all around the world will continue loving, adoring and praising Woody’s work until the end of times.

One of the coolest photos that describe the feelings that Woody Allen’s family, friends, supporters and fans have towards this disgusting campaign against Woody is the following photo, posted on Woody Allen’s Official Facebook Page, right before the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow production aired. Here you go, that’s for all of you: HBO, Dick, Ziering, Farrow clan, and supporters of the eternal shameful lie!

Woody will always be remembered as the genius who created the most powerful, beautiful and brilliant roles for women, the genius who drew poetry with his films, the genius who poured philosophy in his films, the genius who made us cry and laugh, and the genius who made us think about love, life and death. On the contrary, the three vengeful Farrows, the HBO-Dick-Ziering-Farrow garbage production, and all the opportunists who felt good slandering Woody and tweeting against Woody will be remembered by their ugliness, injustice and cowardice for some years and finally will be forgotten for ever.

Antonia Tejeda Barros, 
Madrid, March 5, 2021 

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I love, admire, and support Woody!

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, February 20, 2021

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Do not touch my heroes!

I’m so angry at the stupidity of the world! Only in the USA you can make a gossip-docu-garbage about an innocent man who has been falsely accused, and get away with it. And there will always be some people (with no brains) who will watch this garbage. McCarthy would have loved to witness this era! Do not touch my heroes, rats!

I wish Woody would sue HBO, the makers of that shameful gossip-docu-garbage, and the three psycho Farrows. But Woody is so nice that I know he will not do it. Such a shame. All these false accusers and their collaborators will never paid the damage they spread, the atrocious repetitive lies and the obsessive thirst of fame, public attention and vengeance. If I was famous and rich I would gladly sue those rats on behalf of Woody.

Instead of the HBO garbage, watch this documentary made by Rick Worley:

In a recent interview with Woody by a Brazilian interviewer (February 8, 2021), Woody talks about art & life and he seems happy and healthy. Good news: he already got the first dosis of the Covid vaccine! Bravo, Woody! The interview is here, but you’ll need to log in to see it:

Keep creating, Woody. The world needs your art!

Please make 100 more movies. Your movies make life better!

With love & admiration, from Spain.

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, February 17, 2021

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day / We remember! Stop antisemitism!

We remember the antisemitism of the common German, the world’s silence, the collaborators, the humiliation, the exclusion, the irrational hate, the Judenstern, the ghettos, the Einsatzgruppen, the deportations, the concentration camps, the extermination camps, and the 6,000,000 Jewish men, women and children who perished in the Shoah, trapped in the ghettos, suffocated inside the freight cars, massacred, shot, and gassed.

“Not all victims were Jewish, but all Jews were victims”, said Elie Wiesel.

Antisemitism is very much alive today. Anti-Zionism is the new antisemitism. Be careful. Don’t be an ignorant. Don’t be stupid. Read about the Peel Commission Partition Plan (July 1937) and the UN Resolution 181 (November 1947) -accepted by the Jewish authorities but rejected by the Palestinian authorities and the Arab states. Read about antisemitism, terrorism and islamism. 90% of the Germans in the 1940s were ignorant, stupid and antisemitic, and each of them became an indispensable piece of the huge extermination machine that made the Holocaust possible. And that happened very little time ago, in the heart of Europe.

Never forgive and never forget. We remember!

Judenstern, 1942–1945. USHMM
A Jewish mother hugging her little daughter while an Einsatzgruppe shoots them both in the head. Ivangorod’s massacre, Ukraine, 1941­–1943. Yad Vashem
Liquidation of the Krakow ghetto, March 1943. USHMM
Jewish families surrendering to the German murderers. Warsaw ghetto uprising, April 19–May 16, 1943. Probably the most famous photo of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. The little girl on the left was Hanka Lamet. The little boy in the front has been identified as Arthur Domb Semiontek, Israel Rondel, Tsvi Nussbaum or Levi Zeilinwarger. USHMM
Jewish men and women captured during the Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
Two little Lithuanian Jewish boys: Emanuel Rosenthal (2 years old) and Avram Rosenthal (5 years old) in the Kovno ghetto, 1944. They were deported to Majdanek and gassed upon arrival. USHMM
Suitcases of Jewish victims massacred and gassed. Majdanek. Yad Vashem
Shoes of Jewish victims massacred and gassed. Majdanek. Yad Vashem
Jewish prisoners entering the extermination camp. Belzec, 1942. Yad Vashem
The Gate of Death, entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Stanisław Mucha. Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
Jewish girl. Prisoner number 7,544. Wilhelm Brasse. Yad Vashem
Polish girl. Czesława Kwoka. Prisoner number 26,947. Wilhelm Brasse. Yad Vashem
Gypsy (Roma) girl. (Z=Zigeuner). Prisoner number 63,598. Wilhelm Brasse. Yad Vashem
Gas pellets of Zyklon B. Loboda, 1968. Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
Arrival of a transport of Hungarian Jewish men, women and children. Auschwitz-Birkenau, May-June 1944. On the side of the train is written “Deutsche Reichsbahn”. The Auschwitz Album. Yad Vashem
Hungarian Jewish men, women and children arriving at Auschwitz-Birkenau, May-June 1944. The Auschwitz Album. Yad Vashem
Hungarian Jewish women and children at the Judenrampe, just before selection. Auschwitz-Birkenau, May-June 1944. The Auschwitz Album. Yad Vashem
An old Hungarian Jewish woman carrying a baby in her arms and three other Jewish children walking towards the gas chamber. Auschwitz-Birkenau, May-June 1944. The Auschwitz Album. Yad Vashem
Hungarian Jewish women and children waiting for their “turn” to the gas chamber (grove closest to the crematorium). Auschwitz-Birkenau, May-June 1944. The Auschwitz Album. Yad Vashem
David Olère. Dans la salle de déshabillage, 1946. Guetto Fighter’s House Museum
David Olère. Après le gazage, 1946. Guetto Fighter’s House Museum
Hair from the victims of Auschwitz. After the liberation. Auschwitz, 1945. USHMM
Glasses from the victims of Auschwitz. After the liberation. Auschwitz, 1945. USHMM
Shoes from the victims of Auschwitz.
After the liberation. Auschwitz, 1945. Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
Baby survivor tattooed. Auschwitz, 1945. Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
Children survivors. After the liberation. Auschwitz, 1945. Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, January 27, 2021


Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)

Yad Vashem. The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMOTH)

Guetto Fighters’ House Museum

Auschwitz. No hace mucho. No muy lejos

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The forgotten children of the Holocaust. Part II. The Warsaw ghetto

Three homeless Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto (1941–1943). USHMM
The same three homeless Jewish children, now in despair, in the Warsaw ghetto (1941–1943).

Before WWII, Warsaw had a population of 1,300,000 inhabitants (350,000 were Jewish). The Jewish community of Warsaw was the biggest of Europe and the second biggest in the world (after New York).

28 days after the invasion of Poland, the Germans entered Warsaw (September 29, 1939). On November 23, all the Jewish people above 10 years old were ordered by the Germans to wear the Judenstern.

In November 1940, more than 400,000 Jewish men, women and children were sealed inside the Warsaw ghetto. The ghetto had only 2 square kms and was separated from the rest of the city by a 3-meter wall with a barbed wire.

Over 80,000 Jewish men, women and children died as a result of starvation, diseases and brutality in the Warsaw ghetto. In March 1941, the Jewish population of the Warsaw ghetto reached a peak of more than 460,000 (85,000 were children up to the age of 14).

In July 1942, the deportations to the extermination camps (mainly Treblinka) begun. The German code name for the deportations was Grossaktion Warsaw. Adam Czerniakow, head of the Judenrat refused to make the lists for the deportations and committed suicide. From July 22 to September 12, 1942, the Germans deported 265,000 Jewish men, women and children to Treblinka to be gassed. Another 35,000 Jews were murdered in the ghetto during the deportations. 

In January 1943, the Germans intended to liquidate the ghetto (80,000 Jewish men, women and children were left) but the Jewish people resisted. The Germans deported 5,000 Jews and withdrew. 

From April 19 to May 16, 1943, the Warsaw ghetto uprising took place. The Germans deported 49,000 Jews to Treblinka, Majdanek and other camps. After the liquidation of the ghetto 20,000 Jews continued living clandestinely in the “Arian” area of Warsaw.  

From August 1 to October 2, 1944, the Warsaw uprising took place. 150,000 Poles and 17,000 Jews died during the Warsaw uprising. Warsaw was completely destroyed.  

On January 17, 1945 (Warsaw’s liberation day), there were only 174,000 Poles and 11,500 Jews left alive in Warsaw. Let’s not forget that Warsaw had had a population of 1,300,000 people before 1939, including 350,000 Jews. 

Jewish men, women and children being sealed into the ghetto by the Germans Zelezny street. 1940. Yad Vashem
Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto, 1940. USHMM
Jewish men, women and children from other parts of the Generalgouverenment arriving in a train/tram for passengers (not a freight car) to the Warsaw ghetto. USHMM
Two starving Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto (1940–1943). USHMM 
Three Jewish children and a baby lying on a street of the Warsaw ghetto. Yad Vashem
Jewish men, women and children waiting in line for food. Nalewki street, 33. Warsaw ghetto.  Yad Vashem
Five Jewish girls and one Jewish boy eating bread and soup. Warsaw ghetto. Yad Vashem 
Jewish men, women and children living inside the synagogue of Nalewki street, 37. Warsaw ghetto. Yad Vashem
Jewish mother holding her child. Warsaw ghetto, June–August 1941. USHMM
Dying Jewish child lying on the street. Warsaw ghetto, September 19, 1941. USHMM
A Jewish boy and a Jewish girl on a street of the Warsaw ghetto. Yad Vashem
Jewish men, women and children selling and buying food. Warsaw ghetto, June–August 1941. USHMM 
Jewish woman and two smiling children in the Warsaw ghetto. 1941. IWM
Jewish men and boys smiling for the photo. Warsaw ghetto, June–August 1941. USHMM
Starving Jewish child eating a piece of bread. Warsaw ghetto, summer 1941. IWM
Two Jewish girls: Gina Tabaczynska -right-, b. 1925, and Hanka Birenbaum) in the Warsaw ghetto. 1940–1943. Gina survived the Holocaust. USHMM
Jewish boy with a jacket made of scraps. Warsaw ghetto, September 19, 1941. USHMM.  
A smiling Jewish boy selling the "Gazeta Żydowska - Jewish Gazette". Warsaw ghetto, 1941. IWM
A dying Jewish child begging in the street. Warsaw ghetto. Summer 1941. IWM
A Jewish mother with her two daughters in the Warsaw ghetto. Summer 1941. IWM
Two emaciated Jewish children in the street. Warsaw ghetto. Summer 1941. IWM
A street in the Warsaw ghetto, 1942. 
A crowed street in the Warsaw ghetto, 1942. USHMM 
Jewish boy selling candy in the Warsaw ghetto. IWM
Jewish people at the "market". Warsaw ghetto. IWM
Dying father with his children lying on the street. Warsaw ghetto. 1941. IWM

Die Großaktion: Deportation and mass murder of the Jewish men, women and children of the Warsaw ghetto organised and carried out by the Germans (July 22–September 12, 1942)

Umschlagplatz. Deportation of Jewish men, women and children from the Warsaw ghetto to Treblinka. Großaktion Warsaw. Summer 1942.
Umschlagplatz. Deportation of Jewish men, women and children from the Warsaw ghetto to Treblinka. Großaktion Warsaw. 1942–43.
Umschlagplatz. Jewish men, women and children from the Warsaw ghetto ready to be deported. Großaktion Warsaw. 1942–43. USHMM

The Warsaw ghetto (April 19–May 16, 1943) and liquidation of the ghetto: 150,000 Poles and 7,000 Jews died during the uprising. The Germans deported 49,000 Jews to Treblinka, Majdanek and other camps. After the liquidation of the ghetto 20,000 Jews continued living clandestinely in the “Arian” area of Warsaw.  

The Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
German pigs cowardly bombing the Warsaw ghetto during the Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
Ruins of the Warsaw ghetto during the Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
Brave Jewish men ready to jump and commit suicide rather than being captured by the German murderers. April 22, 1943. USHMM
The bodies of Jewish victims lie in front of the ruins of the ghetto. Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
Jewish men and women captured during the Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
Jewish men, women and children captured after the Warsaw ghetto uprising being herded to the Umschlagplatz for deportation. The little girl and the two women seen in the front perished. The man behind the little girl (Avraham Neyer) survived the Holocaust. USHMM
Jewish men, women and adolescents captured by German pigs being held next to the ghetto wall before being sent to the Umschlagplatz for deportation. Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM 
A fat SS pig overseeing the deportation of the Jewish survivors of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
Jewish men, women and children captured by the Germans during the suppression of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. April 19–August 16, 1943. USHMM
Jewish men, women and children captured after the Warsaw ghetto uprising being herded down Nowolipie street to the Umschlagplatz for deportation. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
Jewish families surrendering to the German murderers. Warsaw ghetto uprising. A mother holding her little boy can be seen. April 19–May 16, 1943.
Probably the most famous photo of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. The little girl on the left was Hanka Lamet. The little boy in the front has been identified as Arthur Domb Semiontek, Israel Rondel, Tsvi Nussbaum or Levi Zeilinwarger. USHMM
Jewish men, women and children captured by German murderers during the Warsaw ghetto uprising force to load a truck for deportation. April 19–May 16, 1943. USHMM
An aerial photo showing the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto. After May 16, 1943. USHMM
The destroyed grounds of the former Warsaw ghetto. 1946. USHMM 
Postwar view of the former Warsaw ghetto, 1947. USHMM 

The Warsaw uprising (August 1–October 2, 1944): 150,000 Poles and 17,000 Jews died during the Warsaw uprising. Warsaw was completely destroyed.  

Polish women and children from Warsaw deported to  Ravensbrück after the Warsaw uprising. October 1944. USHMM
Jan Kostanski (right), b. 1925, during the Warsaw uprising. October, 1944. He helped many Jewish people. He survived the war and was recognised Righteous Among the Nations in 1984. USHMM

Never forget and never forgive. We remember!

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, January 17, 2021


Yad Vashem


Imperial War Museum UK: Daily Life in the Warsaw Ghetto

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The forgotten children of the Holocaust. Part I. Before the war

Hebrew school class of Gustav Schonfeld (the little boy seated in front of the rabbi), Munkacs, Hungary, 1939. In this photo, little Gustav was the only survivor.

Christian antisemitism (especially Protestant antisemitism –Von den Juden und ihren Lügen seems to bless the atrocities of WWII), together with a redemptive and eliminationist antisemitism (see Hilberg and Goldhagen) made the massacring, extermination and gassing of 1,500,000 children possible, from 1939 to 1945. From these children, the vast majority were Jewish.

The victims of genocide were only Jewish and Roma and Sinti. 6,000,000 Jewish men, women and children and c. 220.000 Roma and Sinti men, women and children were victims of the atrocity of the Germans and their allies. C. 1,500,000 Jewish children and thousands of Roma and Sinti children died: killed in the ghettos and the Lager, or perished because of starvation, exhaustion, typhus, dysentery and tuberculosis in the ghettos and concentration camps, in death marches, massacred by the German (and Austrian) Einsatzgruppen, Orpo and Wehrmacht, or in the gas chambers of the six extermination camps: Auschwitz, Treblinka, Chelmno, Sobibor, Belzec, and Majdanek.

Yehuda Bauer argues in Rethinking the Holocaust that in 1940–1941 the vast majority of Germans sympathised with the humiliation, exclusion and massacres of Jewish men, women and children: “Browning believes that the percentage of policemen examined who were opposed to murder was 10 to 20%. Goldhagen says 10% of all Germans were opposed. In either case, the statement that the vast majority of the German population were willing to be recruited for the murder of Jews stands” (p. 103).

The gigantic and super-structured extermination machine that made the Holocaust possible had the willing and effective collaboration of millions of common Germans. Not only 800,000 sadistic SS killed and massacred Jewish men, women and children. No. The young German soldiers of the Wehrmacht (the vast majority lovers of the Nazi party) burnt synagogues with Jewish men, women and children inside, and committed big atrocities against the Jewish people and also against non-Jews: “Wehrmacht units …committed horrors against Serbs, Poles, Greeks, and Russians as well as Jews … ordinary Germans (and ordinary others) committed mass murders of the worst kind” (Bauer, Rethinking the Holocaust, p. 108). After the war, Germany (and the world) forgot its German murderers so fast!

In 1920, the Nazi Party had only 60 members. In 1945 it had 8,500,000 members. But it’s important to have in mind that millions of common Germans collaborated without being necessarily members of the Party (90% of the population, according to Bauer and Goldhagen). And the vast majority did it for real conviction (a combination of ferocious antisemitism and sick ultra-nationalism). Only in very very very few cases did they do it for fear, according to Hannah Arendt. These kind Germans were bureaucrats, professors, teachers, intellectuals, doctors, pseudo-anthropologists, pastors, lawyers, businessmen, train drivers, architects, secretaries, housewives… The killing machine needed every German, and, oh, boy, it really succeed it!

And now, about the children. Only in Auschwitz were deported c. 220,000 children (boys, girls, and babies): c. 200,000 were Jewish and c. 11,000 were Roma and Sinti. They were also deported c. 1,650 children who were Poles and c. 1,000 Soviet children (non-Jewish). From these 220,000 children only 20,000 were registered. This means that the rest (c. 200.000) were gassed upon arrival.

Auschwitz was liberated on January 27, 1945. In the camp there were 435 children alive (survivors of the macabre “medical” experiments). c. 60% of these children suffered starvation and malnutrition, and c. 40% had tuberculosis. The younger children didn’t even know their own names or from where they were. The vast majority of these children never saw their families again (their parents perished in the Holocaust) and suffered physical disabilities and mental trauma all their lives.

And what about non-Jewish children? 5,000–7,000 non-Jewish German and Austrian children with disabilities died through the macabre Euthanasia Plan (Aktion T4). And thousands of Poles and Soviet children were deported to concentration and extermination camps (mainly to Auschwitz).

10,000 Jewish children were saved thanks to the Kindertransport, and some other were saved thanks to some heroes who risked their lives and hid Jewish children during the war. But almost all of these children lost their families in the Shoah.

This is a visual journey to remember the million and a half children who perished in the Holocaust under the most horrific atrocities (perpetrated by one of the most cultivated countries in the world, and not so long ago). It also serves to commemorate the few children who managed to escape the horror.

I. Photos from before the war

Henye Rosenbaum age 2, Drohiczyn Nad Bugiem, Poland, 1938. USHMM
Henye Rosembaum was massacred with her family  in October 1941; she was 5 years old. Her 8-year-old brother Yosef and their parents Menachem and Sarah Rosenbaum were massacred too. Her relatives Zlate Riva Rosenbaum Grynblatt, Avraham Yaakov Grynblatt and Aron (2 years old), Yankel Rosenbaum, Chana Malka Perkovitzky Rosenbaum, Chaieh Guta Laye Rosenbaum Taumtschen, Rabbi Chaim Taumtschenan and Yankel (8 years old) were also murdered next to her.  

Gyorgy Freedman (born on December 7, 1936) and his little sister (both Jewish Hungarian) died in the Holocaust. USHMM
Henio Zytomirski (Polish Jewish boy) aged 6 in Lublin, 1939. Henio was gassed in Majdanek on November 9, 1942. He was 9 years old. 
Stella Knobel with her cousin Elisabeta (Polish Jewish) before antes de la guerra. Elisabeta (white shirt) and her mother were murdered in the Holocaust. Stella and her parents emigrated in time to Israel. Yad Vashem
Genia Judzki and her son Michal, Jewish, were deported to Auschwitz in 1944. They both died in Auschwitz. Michal was 7 years old. He used to say to his mother Solía "Mommy, we're going to die together". Genia's husband was murdered in the liquidation of the Sosnowiec ghetto in 1943. Yad Vashem
Selma Meerbaum (Ukrainian Jewish girl) loved to write poetry. In October 1941 she and her parents were trapped in the ghetto. In June 1942 they were deported to Transnistria and, after a long march, to the Michailowka labor camp, where she died of typhus on December 16, 1942, aged 18. Her parents also perished in the Holocaust. Yad Vashem

Janus Korczak with his orphans in the Orphanage Nasz Dom. Pruszkow, c. 1920–28. 
Florida Center for Instructional Technology

Janus Korczak (July 22, 1878 or 1879 – August 7, 1942) (the famous Polish Jewish doctor) and his 192 orphans suffered the horrors of the Warsaw ghetto (starvation, sickness, brutality, fear). On August 5, 1942, they were all deported to Treblinka and gassed upon arrival. When Korczak was marching with his orphans to the train station, an SS recognised him as the author of his favorite children books and offered him to escape, but Korczak refused to abandon the children. He heroically decided to accompany his orphans until the end and died with them in the gas chambers.

 Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, January 14, 2021


Yad Vashem


St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum

Warsaw Ghetto Museum

The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute

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Please keep creating, Woody. The world needs your art!

There are some (very few) people who make this world a better place. Woody is one of them. Thanks for your amazing art, Woody! Please keep creating. The world needs your movies. Happy 85th birthday to my hero!

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, December 1st, 2020

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Happy birthday to my hero!

Woody was actually born on November 30, 1935 –not December 1st!

“Finally, I enter the world. A world I will never feel comfortable in, never understand, and never approve of or forgive. Allan Stewart Konigsberg, born on December 1, 1935. Actually, I was born on the thirtieth of November very close to midnight, and my parents pushed the date so I could start off on a day one. This has given me zero advantage in life, and I would have much preferred they left me an enormous trust fund. I mention it only because in a meaningless bit of irony, my sister was born eight years later on the exact same day. This remarkable coincidence and fifteen cents will get you on the subway” (Woody Allen, Apropos of Nothing, pp. 10–11).

So, happy happy happy 85th birthday to my hero!

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, November 30, 2020

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Have a wonderful week, Woody Allen fans!

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, November 29, 2020

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Confinados, no; castigados. La psicosis del Covid

Cuando el sentido común se pierde, estamos doblemente perdidos.

Para la primera ola del Covid había excusa. Para la segunda, ya no. En siete meses, los palurdos políticos españoles, en lugar de construir nuevos hospitales en cada ciudad, equipados de UCIs y respiradores, en lugar de contratar a doctores, enfermeros, auxiliares de enfermería y estudiantes de Medicina de último año, en lugar de reforzar a mil el sistema sanitario, han estado insultándose y sacándose los ojos como niños pequeños. Y los que estamos pagando esta incompetencia y esta falta de sentido común somos todos los españoles, especialmente los niños.

En Madrid las terrazas y los bares están repletos de jóvenes y no tan jóvenes tomándose sus cañitas y cafés sin mascarilla, pero aquí están preocupados de los contagios en los colegios y de confinar a los niños.

Los niños viven en una situación constante de estrés y miedo por la psicosis del Covid. Los protocolos exagerados en los colegios tal vez frenen algún contagio, pero están causando mucho daño psicológico a los niños. Y lo peor es que ni los profesores se dan cuenta.

Los confinamientos forzosos de contactos estrechos en los colegios son lo más ridículo de esta pandemia. Entiendo perfectamente que se confine a un niño (y a un adulto) que es positivo, pero confinar a los contactos estrechos de ese niño en un colegio, ¿qué sentido tiene? Tiene un único sentido: infundir miedo, inseguridad y frustración. La burla final es que los niños sin síntomas a los que sus padres les han pagado una PCR y han dado negativo tienen que, de todas maneras, seguir confinados y sin colegio hasta que pasen la cuarentena.

Aquí en España se trata igual al caso positivo, al contacto estrecho dentro de la familia de un caso positivo y al contacto estrecho en un colegio. No hay nada más absurdo. Todos los niños españoles están usando mascarillas, geles, distancia y grupitos burbuja en sus colegios.

Mis hijos tienen amigos que ya llevan dos confinamientos forzosos (de 10 días cada uno) desde que ha empezado el curso porque algún compañero ha dado positivo y ellos han sido calificados por el colegio de contacto estrecho. ¡20 días confinados por haber estado en contacto estrecho con un compañero! ¿Contacto estrecho? Entonces, ¿para qué diablos obligan a los niños a tanta mascarilla, gel, mampara en los comedores y separación de amigos? Luego, si un niño confinado por ser contacto estrecho se hace la PCR (e incluso un estudio serológico) y da negativo, da igual, tiene que seguir confinado. Eso no es precaución. Eso es un escupitajo. Este virus durará un par de años más. ¿Qué sacan los colegios y los políticos castigando a los niños?

Es verdad que los colegios están haciendo un gran esfuerzo para contener el virus, pero en cuanto hay un caso positivo entran en pánico y empiezan a mandar a niños a casa. Y no solo eso. Los niños, en pleno otoño, no pueden ni toser en el colegio porque, si lo hacen, se van castigados a enfermería. Y de enfermería, a casa. Los colegios dicen, orgullosos y a la defensiva, que ellos solo siguen el protocolo, pero, en realidad, lo que están haciendo es enviar el bulto a casa y lavarse las manos.

¿Que muchos niños son asintomáticos? Sí, lo sé. Es por ello que los colegios ya están tomando medidas: mascarilla, geles, distancia, grupos burbuja, separación de amigos. Un contacto estrecho que se ha hecho una PCR y ha dado negativo tiene menos posibilidad de tener el virus que otro alumno que sigue en clase y no se ha hecho una PCR. Pero esto poco importa. Lo importante es tener a la gente asustadita. Hitchcock hubiera hecho sin duda una buena película sobre la psicosis del Covid.

Los niños son personas y se merecen respeto, educación, amiguitos y seguridad física y psicológica. Son más importantes los colegios que las cañitas y las tapas. Cuando el sentido común se pierde, estamos doblemente perdidos.

Antonia Tejeda Barros, Madrid, 23 de octubre de 2020

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